Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy
SANKYO products are warranted for 24 electric fans and 06 months for helmets from the day the product is delivered to the customer.
Within 15 days, in case of defective products caused by manufacturers, customers can exchange new products without paying any extra fees.
When customers buy any product on SANKYO.com.vn website, they will enjoy the warranty policy as prescribed, with the desire to serve customers professionally, wholeheartedly and thoughtfully.
Warranty Card is issued when you receive goods.
Products will be warranted when the warranty card and the information on the form is completed, signed by the seller.
During the use process, if there is any error in the product, please call the Service Center for advice from our staff before bringing the product to.
Products need warranty, please bring to the address 298 / 17-19 Khuong Viet, Phu Trung Ward, Tan Phu District, City. HCM.
The product is warranted free of charge to repair defects, technical problems caused by manufacturers' faults or errors during use but does not include the cost of replacing parts or components.
The product is not warranted for free when:
There is no warranty card or warranty card without full information. Product expired warranty on the note.
Products that show signs of modifying their designs, or self-repair, without the manufacturer's consent.
Products scratched, torn, broken, chipped, old during use. The product is damaged due to improper impact, movement, storage and use.
Products damaged by carelessness, accident, fire, natural disasters.
In case of expired warranty, we are still responsible for repair, replacement but customers must pay according to actual costs, labor costs.