Sankyo brand

Hanh Sanh Production - Trading - Service Co., Ltd was established in 1996, with 2 production workshops and hundreds of employees. SanKyo brand has also been born from the founder's enthusiasm, with the desire to bring Vietnamese products with international quality to consumers.


SanKyo has long been known for its electric fans, helmets, rice cookers, etc. and other upcoming products such as super speed cookers and other household electrical products.


During the past 20 years, we have continuously won the title of High Quality Vietnamese Products voted by the Consumer Association every year, along with Certificates of Conformity, Energy Stamps, .... according to the Vietnamese State standards. regulations. Each title brings us pride, a great responsibility to our employees, to the community and society. Therefore, we are constantly innovating on our own every day to develop, so that our products become more and more perfect, the SanKyo brand reaches far beyond.


SanKyo with strength in people, serious investment in technology have created quality products, diversified designs to meet the needs of consumers.