Delivery method
I. Delivery Fee
Free area:
+ In Ho Chi Minh City area (including Can Gio and Cu Chi districts): free delivery and instructions for use, including in case of exchange / return due to defective products from the manufacturer

Charging area:
* For orders from the city area. HCM
* Apply at postage rates from time to time
* Sankyo will notify the freight to specific customers by phone and confirm by email before delivery

II. Delivery time
+ For available products we promise to deliver goods within 24 hours or agree on free orders in the city area. Ho Chi Minh.

+ For neighboring provinces (charging area), delivery time will be agreed on each specific order.

+ For products that are NOT available OR OUT of delivery, the delivery time will be agreed on each order but the time limit is no more than 15 days after the two sides successfully confirmed the order.