Commitment to quality

Commitment to product quality

Sankyo is committed to selling customers quality products that comply with QCVN 4: 2009 and Vietnamese CLC products. To achieve that, Sankyo establishes a rigorous production process from raw material import to output KCS, cooperates with reputable suppliers, always puts product value and customer requirements as a customer. head.

Commitment to website
Brand reputation is the basis for customers to feel secure when dealing with us. As a manufacturer, we give our customers absolute confidence in the quality of products, service quality, guaranteed payment when working with a team of dedicated, long-term traders. and always support customers in any case.

Professional team
Purchasing team has many years of experience, always sensitive to catch up with market trends, and the ability to appreciate the capabilities of suppliers. The production team is professionally trained and skilled.

Reliable and reliable partner
Many years of experience in household electrical appliances, Sankyo has selected and cooperated with reputable and reliable partners in the domestic and foreign markets. The basis of cooperation is the key to product quality, so Sankyo products always meet the standards.

Strict inspection process
All products manufactured or imported are strictly inspected from production, purchase to delivery of products to customers.

Products that do not meet quality requirements are removed before being put into storage. At the same time, the product is checked again before delivery to make sure the product to consumers is a quality product.